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Star grounding tube amp

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Star grounding tube amp

Star grounding tube amp

In the list of features, it’s stated, “Eliminates Need for Star Grounding”. copper. I frequently get questions about the design and building of vacuum tube (valve) audio equipment. Importance Of Grounding Techniques 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Percent Used A tube amp uses a vacuum tube where a single ended triode tube amp works well with high efficiency speakers.

00. This forms my main system ground. If you run into a ground-related hum and can eliminate a ground loop as the cause, you may want to play (safely) with your grounding approach.

Car amplifiers Grounding & Bonding 1 Grounding & Bonding — Why it is done And How to Install Properly The technical information provided herein is to assist qualifi ed persons in planning and installing electric service to farms and residences. Grounding Techniques AN1681Rev 0. Also available as a Tube Amp.

So I thought I would scribble down some of the tips and ideas that I have found useful. Unlike the and, having two power supplies, tube amplifiers actually are grounded at three points. Should we worry about star grounding in some line-level audio equipment that doesn't produce high output currents? Like some equalizer box or preamp or whatever.

We cover star ground, buss (bus) ground, and In this video I go over the basics to doing a proper ground for your amplifier. All grounds were done using the star grounding method. I’m almost done with the soldering now but I’m not really sure how I should solder the female RCA connectors… The central pin is the signal pin, which is positive.

I thought since I used multiple star grounding I would have no issues. Anyways I initially had a major ground loop problem, but had worked around it. My interpretation is to nest the grounds for each stage of the amp together, within the following stage, moving to a global ground for the entire amp.

In a linestage or other higher gain preamp, circuit grounding is the crucial factor, and any good "Star" grounding scheme will work best, with only a single point connection to the chassis. 1. The "star" ground can be run into a ground buss, it doesn't ncessarily have to be a literal "star" with alll ground points coming together at a single nexus.

Right now I have the amp wired like the fender 5e3 but still have alot of hum. This design presents a substantial upgrade to our very popular Triton II stereo integrated amplifiers, highly-regarded for providing world class performance in a beautiful-engineered, compact, and elegant package. but heres the thing…all grounds end up being the same ground.

This type of amp is a popular solid state amp. 15. One more thing I forgot to mention which is important is to attach the chassis ground to circuit ground at only one place.

I don't know what to think. The Bugera V55 INFINIUM 55 watt Tube Combo is a great sounding amp. I thought my ground scheme worked but maybe not In an effort to give a little back to the Internet harp and tube amp communities, I have decided to offer this free project.

3 - 1 Grounding Demystified 3 - 2 • Categories of solutions applied for compliance. Tadaatsu Atarashi. covers tube amps, because it's not in the code book, period ! I get so sick of that bullshit that he constantly spouts about that.

When the feedback is removed, hum may be originating due to grounding. 5 out of 5 by 13. Being its new take it back to the store and replace the 12AX7 one at a time.

Of the various sources of noise in an amplifier, bad grounding is probably third on the list (after heater hum and resistor hiss). Each amp is built just for you! The Tube circuitry is wired point to point. By the way, I used “star” grounding and tied all of the grounds into a central point near the right channel input.

I like the "star grounding" concept, but it is really not practical to have every single component that is grounded go to one single point. The side effect of this practice is that star grounding also breaks the shared resistance runs and removed the possibility of shared resistance feedback. Space Tone • ST-6V6se Class A 5W - Single-Ended - 6V6/6L6 - Tube Rectified The original Swart Amplifier Co Space Tone 6V6se arose out of musician/recording engineer Michael Swart's attempt to get the most tone and soul from a small, easily manageable package for home/studio use.

the tricky part is knowing where to ground each section via the bus or star grounding system. Using two separate isolated power supplies—one for the chain of pedals going to the amp input, and another for the FX Loop pedals, can keep grounds currents out of the audio lines and reduce hum. But it doesn't sound quite right.

Well, any amp more than 20 years old is gonna need workWhat's the deal with tube amps? Trinity Tweed Kit Review – John Templeton (Tube Store) Introduction. After that I will probably buy a power regulator/conditioner/filter and then maybe look at new speakers or power amp. i've done a little tube swapping with the cathode follower and middle tube of the gain stage but haven't drawn any conclusions yet.

Geo has a nice article on this. I love old Fender amps and like to see how various vendors put together their interpretation of the legendary 5E3 Deluxe circuit. To complement this 5 Watt amp’s output, we chose our Mojotone AV8C American Vintage 15 Watt speaker for its warm, crunchy, early breakup and articulate yet aggressive sound.

At least on my chassis with the stock Up for sale is the Mahaffay(Songworks) 1/4 watt ALL TUBE recording/practice amp. Big Swart Tube Reverb via 12DW7 & Spring Tank. I've tried star grounding, aluminum chassis, using a ground bus etc with varying results.

I was recently asked by a family member if I could assemble a Tweed amp kit from Trinity Amplifiers. this amp seems rather insensitive to the tubes afaik and i have a pretty big selection of matching 6cg7s to work from. Thus was the genesis of this text.

3 continues that tradition with classic styling and its award-winning state-of-the-art performance. For clarity, a single layer of copper is used for all routing (this is not the best Hi everyone, A month or two ago, I got some boards made for a layout I did for the '59 Fender Bassman guitar amp. You can connect up to 9 components to the troy,3 binding posts(3 to each post).

But this discussion is mixing a lot of metaphors on what star grounding is for. Side note: I tried grounding the EF86 tube to a couple of different points on the turret board instead of running the ground back to the star. have been reading different threads but still not sure which way to go, I have converted my amp to a 5v4 rect and 6L6 power tubes.

But tube amps are not in there anywhere. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nobsound FU-7 Tube Amplifier HiFi Class A Single-Ended Integrated Amp DIY KIT at Amazon. If you just want to read about tube amps etc check out GEO's Tube Amp FAQ.

Wire paths in relation to input, output and tube receptacles is important. PL83 (6BQ5 equivalent) Single-ended Ultra-Linear Stereo Power Amplifier. Anyone have a guide or a basic writeup for the alternative grounding scheme as I would really like to incorporate it into my "re-build".

Ground loops, insufficient grounding of high-current parts of the device etc. We’ve added two features to an already outstanding amp: a headphone jack and build-in attenuator that drops output to 1/8W. I recently replaced the RCA jacks on the amp & preamp with 1/4" stereo jacks which have a plastic housing to isolate them from the chassis.

There are hundreds of pages of Tube amp information on my library page. The amp has a very traditional tube amp look, but the fit and finish of the Black Magic is really nice. I am happy to report that this modestly powered, 30 watt KT77 amp, the SA 1, from McGary Audio is a terrifically balanced sounding tube amp (within its power range) that also met my “audio realness” requirement.

Star grounding really is the only technically sound way to go with any audio gear and your tip about rotating transformers for the lowest radiated hum is a good one. Swart STR Tremolo Amp SOLD . Grounding: At first, I wanted to ground all components in one place.

Swart Space Tone Reverb - Tweed CLASS A 5W Single-Ended - TUBE REVERB - 12" Speaker - 6V6/6L6/EL-34 Compatible Michael never stops tweaking circuits and late one night about a month ago, we were messing around in the shop with the STR and decided it might be interesting to take this amp up one more notch, giving it more of a tweed, ST-6V6se on steroids approach. Please visit my Tube Amplifier Forum Here's the place you can go to ask tube amplifier questions. It was a 5 watt Class A amp with a 5Y3 rectifier, a 12AX7 and a single 6V6.

Buy Nobsound EL34 Class A Single-ended Tube Amplifier Stereo HiFi Amp DIY Kit 1Set: Amplifiers - Amazon. Anyway, I have a couple of questions: Do I ground (to chassis) the center tap of the new transformer? As I re-wire this thing, should I lift all the ground connections off the chassis and but them into a star grounding or buss rail set-up? The power supply is a cost-no-object design:dual mono, separate chassis, two tube plate regulators per channel, ample filtering, star grounding. The power cord was replaced by a durable computer-grade 3-prong.

The sound is definitely on par with the high end tube preamps I have listened to/auditioned. I know this amp is not common for discussion around these parts, but I know that you guys know your amps inside and out. The EL84M output tubes are Sovteks and the 12AX7Bs are sourced from Shuguang.

Swart makes some great little amps that are all hand-wired. Cat Vomit Special - a 6E5P / 6C33C parafeed amp I use a star grounding system. 00 Page 3 of 5 Oct 25, 2011 PCB Examples A dual op amp is chosen as the layout example.

5W output per channel in triode mode without negative feedback. The proper grounding scheme of a vacuum tube amplifier has been the subject of many debates, blogs, forums, and web pages. w/ Superior Components and optimization Custom modifications installed or removed.

Sounds great and works perfectly. This is needed more often in higher powered all-tube amps. Avoiding hum in an amp like this, requires some research on amp grounding and wiring theory.

Believe me you can fill up the 9 components,I did. All amps have a green power tubes? Proponents of tube-based audio amplifiers cite a certain “warmth” that tube circuitry lends to the sound that is absent when using solid-state amplification. Little Lanilei 1/4 watt Tube Recording Amplifier Overview: The little hand made amplifier comes factory stock with the Mahaffay heavy duty proprietary 6 1/2 speaker.

Amp Repair and Service Topics. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Backup diodes are added to the rectifier tube socket.

Power tube current balancing. In wiring up the eyelet board, pots and tube sockets, I adhered to a fairly strict star-grounding technique. For example, if we design a star ground system, drawing out all signal paths to minimize signal interaction and the effects of high impedance signal or ground paths, implementation problems arise.

That should do it. Tone caps to output transformers, Amp kits and upgrades by Fromel, BillM, and others. If I lift the amp wire it is immediatley noticeable,like throwing a switch.

Dual Grounding System The modification of the grounding topology leads to increased rejection of noise from the power supply and other areas. It's not to cut down on RF/EMI pickup. A little planning in the early stages can save you a lot of aggravation in trying to eliminate the hum after the amp is built.

1/4 watt is pretty perfect for practice and it records well too, even direct. Next up on the DIY list is upgrading all my RCA cables and speaker cables. A much more extensive mod is to convert your amp to star grounding.

DC Filament Supply/Hum Reduction. E. I've read about the star grounding and not sure which wires to run to it.

FET amp stands for Field Effect Transistor because it uses an electric field. For both amps and effects I tend to use a variation of bus grounding scheme. I would recommend this amp to anyone who enjoys pure clean sound.

I have a very simple system Pre Amp, SACD/Cd player and Amp. In this case, star grounding, even partial, should be tried to fix the problem. People on here refer to this as star grounding.

G. Are there sections about aluminum wiring and uses covered in the code? Yes. You'll also be using fewer cables and have a totally controlled distortion sound.

On the close-ups, note the white ground wires attaching to the chassis at two points (my stab at " star grounding "), the twisted heater wires and other twisted pairs. And features hand assembled point to point construction. The only thing that I’m not elated about is the self-hum of the amp … despite star-grounding power supply circuit there was a slight amount of residual hum in the background when turning up the volumes, which I attribute to higher than usual leakage fields emanating from the power transformer … otoh, the original hum “at turn-on” is Hi, I'm interested in building a simple tube stereo headphone amp, I found a circuit but have a few questions.

. Custom High-Quality USA Built Swart Spec Iron. The Granite Audio Ground Zero is an affordable, portable, totally passive, star-grounding system! It equalizes the ground impedance path of every component in your audio or video system regardless of the condition of your house wiring and regardless of how complex your system is.

Star grounding etc. Once again, in tube amps and similar situations, you have a lot of high voltages which are causing ground loops. All four are more- Yes, star grounding is good also.

We also keep the simple tone cut bringing the least complexity This Mahaffay / Songworks Little Lanilei is a cool little low wattage boutique flavored tube amp. Rate this link. DIY Bias Probe to make biasing output tubes in your amp a breeze.

Literature on the subject of grounding and shielding audio devices dictates chassis-grounding balanced shields. Soft Power On Tester for Amps. My single ended 45 stereoscopic amp! This winter for the first time in a long time I built myself a stereo.

The SA 1 also netted that smoothness quotient that you expect from a tube amp. It comes with 4 grounding cables,You can buy more from Tripoint as you need them,start with the amp and pre-amp then the turntable,I even ground my Magnum Dynalab 809 tuner and your cd and transport. If you do then the heaters are series wired and grounding probably would not be a good idea.

Simply grounding the chassis without checking what else is going on would not be my recommendation. I've been playing with it for the past three years, but I keep getting electrocuted. If only words could actually convey sound fully; they always fall short to some extent.

GROUND ZERO wins a Jimmy Award Jim Saxon, SoundStage Magazine CES2005 Jimmy Awards . The multi-tap primary power transformer now comes standard, and works with 110, 120, 220, 230, and 240 wall voltages! Mojotone’s Tweed Super Style Amp Kit is based on the ~20-30 watt model rumored to be one of Leo Fender’s favorite creations. I'm going to go ahead with converting to to an all 6V filament amp.

We use a “galactic” star grounding scheme to keep hum and noise from entering the signal path. You can see a sort of star-grounding: Lots of wires going to the central point where all the grounding wires are connected to. Qualifi ed person is defi ned in Article Home electronic, tube amp and preamp.

Steps on how to troubleshoot an amp if it fails to turn on, produces no bass, constantly blows fuses, or is partially on but produces no bass still. 3. As for star-grounding the important thing with a LP is to make sure that there isn't a full ground loop connecting the pots to ground (if you don't have the metal plate under the pots).

What I'm waiting for is a controlled test with a before and after demonstration showing how star grounding is cutting down on noise in a bass. 96 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Mesa/Boogie Lone Star CUSTOM COLOR 100/50/10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp NEW FREE SHIPPING! MESA/BOOGIE LONE STAR CUSTOM COLOR 100/50/10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp NEW FREE - $2,099. So, I'll just write a bit about what works for me.

If you really know what you're doing, this can be avoided with excellent circuit design, layout, star grounding, tranny placement, chassis grounding, etc Grounding and Shielding for your DIY Audio Projects. The transformers in tube amps can put out a lot of RF static that is picked up by a guitar. 2 Farads of reservoir capacitance in the power supply .

com. Re: My latest project - KT88 SE tube amp That ground conductor is solid 10 ga. I've always had better results with a steel chassis.

11 June 17, 2010 This article focuses on audio system design for the DIY enthusiast implementing a stereo system for home use. There is usually no universal solutions other than following grounding rules (see "star grounding" and "bus grounding") I usually use a mix of the two. Say it's made up half a dozen dual op-amp chips, all dual-supply, which are mostly at unity gain or very modest gain.

This list is certainly not complete, nor a comprehensive guide. Well I have essentially gutted my JTM45. Look up guitar shielding on the web and learn to solder.

Rated 3 out of 5 by Laura from 3 Star Review Rating provided by a verified purchaser Star Grounding in Tube Amplifiers Rate this link; The Class-A Amplifier Site - Primarily dedicated to the John Linsley Hood Class-A amplifier designed in 1969 and updated in 1996. The pre-amp will have several connections to ground (kathode, grid, shunt regulator, input/output connectors, etc. I have bypass caps on my input tube, but didn't add them to the output because I wanted to decrease gain and eliminate capacitor noise.

It means that the various grounds from various parts of the amp aren't grounded dierctly on the chassis (or on a copper plate behind the pots, like on old Fender's) but are all connected to a single grounding point (usually on one of the mounting bolts of a transforem). First introduced in 1987, Starline Track Busway is now the industry-leading electrical power distribution system for the data center/mission critical, retail, industrial, and higher education markets – or for any facility where flexible power is needed. Robert Grounding an audio signal in DIY amp If the PC is connected to a different mains circuit than the amp, could it be that the ground of the PC and the amp are at Unit is like new, box opened, never used.

you dont put input signal ground right at the ground used for the high voltage power supply then The 100W Mesa Boogie Lone Star Long Tube Guitar Amp head offers extravagant tone and seductive feel. This is very useful even for the stock mode and is a must for EF86 running as no-feedback triode-strapped. The M-60 gives you the features and precision performance of our larger models in a beautiful, 60-watt package.

I've always thought the 6cg7 sounded brighter than the 6sn7 as a generality. Grounding scheme. Class A amps produce almost no distortion with a maximum amount of power.

» Star Grounding Scheme Observations and Questions » Grounding a Turntable Used w/PAS & ST-35? » What's the first thing to do when you restore an old Dynaco amp ? » grounding ST70/120 » Tubes4hifi VTA70 v12-ccs driver board HELP! I did a star grounding scheme and directly wired each major ground connection to the terminal strip. If you are having problems with your amp, check out GEO's Tube Amp Debugging page. C.

• 100% teflon coated silver wire • 12% silver solder • Full star grounding implementation • All capacitors in the signal path are Hovland Musicap • Massive 1. Make sure you have good cables too. Amp Mad cannot give you the reference where the N.

The best system for you is the one that works repeatedly. For all the circuits in this book, which also applies to most existing guitar amplifiers, ground is zero volts, or earth, and is normally represented by one of the schematic symbols in fig. Design and Construction of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers.

Electricity is a mystery. The Strange Amp SE1-8 (8” Speaker) is a simple tube amp modeled after the classic small guitar amps of the 50’s and 60’s. Audio Component Grounding and Interconnection Dave Davenport Version 1.

Great recording amp and home player. a 6E5P / 6C33C parafeed amp Great Tube Amp Value. In the world of high-tech electronics, vacuum tubes are considered obsolete.

The M-60 Mk. The project details the build of a single-ended 6L6 harp amp. Grounding is the blackest of the black arts.

I really thought it would make a difference in noise level but didn’t, to my ears anyway. Is this nothing more than a semantics issue? Well, I used star grounding on my Weber 6M45 kit build; star-grounding should prevent ground loops, and therby, hum & noise. Buss grounding Chapter 15: Grounding Ground refers to the common ‘reference node’ that is shared by all the parts of a circuit.

The diodes are 2 x UF4007 in a bridge arrangement. All grounds from each amplifier stages are grounded close to each other (somewhat like star grounding) together with the corresponding filter caps. Proper grounding that is.

- Signal ground must be connected to case against interferences (RF or hum hello, I'm having a hard time getting rid of that awful hum. Naim Audio NAIT 5si integrated amplifier Herb Reichert | Sep 26, 2014 On the left side of the pond was the New World, where left-brainers believed that vanishing harmonic distortion meant that "all amplifiers sound the same," and that good loudspeakers are a high-fidelity audio system's most important components. My transport, DAC, sattelite receiver and monoblocks are all tied to my preamp individually with 14ga wire.

That's what shields are for. For a while I was building one or two a year, experimenting with different transformers and caps etc, but then I moved to the future and simply couldn't imagine taking along a record collection and a pile of heavy tube amplifiers. I read about "ground star-configuration" over here, and it made sense to me.

99% of the time if you have a issue with a tube amp its a tube causing the problem. I re-read the whole thing last night and it hit me!! I tried out the Scheme he suggested 'Multiple Star Grounding'. Marshall owners, get rid of that "power brake" which has fried many a good amp.

Study up on "Star Grounding" for the best way to reduce hum overall. The safety aspect is often overlooked, or ignored in the quest to eliminate hum. Loads of tone with 5W of power.

Modifications. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The amp is made in San Juan Capistrano Ca. I then have 4 20 amp 7' runs of 10/2 romex to my A/C sockets.

Star Grounding & Buss Wire Ground setups. this made for a less noisy amp than at first when I followed the book instructions (other than replacing the brass plate with a bus wire across the pots). The following information is not designed to be a definitive treaty on grounding and shielding in DIY audio equipment.

Just make sure your amp doesn't have tubes with a higher number starting at the beginning like 50 or 35. Hand assembled circuit's feature one Ecc82 and one Ecc83s tubes driving a small output transformer to the internal speaker. So how does star grounding apply to an A/C sub panel? What my electrician did is run a 40 amp 65' 8 gauge non-armored A/C cable from the main A/C panel to the sub panel.

I was interested in hearing the effect of negative feedback and preamp/power tube distortion. This uses a single grounding point in the amp for all grounds. 15 Amp 125-Volt Python Hospital Grade Straight Blade Grounding Plug, White When it comes to the demanding nature of When it comes to the demanding nature of today's commercial and industrial electrical environments ruggedness and ease of installation are the features you look for first in any line of plugs and connectors.

Granite Audio introduced the Ground Zero Ground Loop Elimination System. A general guideline I suggest for amp building is shielded wire to tube grids and to feed/return from control pots. Groove Dog is talking about an amp that already has a significant voltage leak to the chassis which is giving him shocks when he touches anything metal.

Figure 1 shows a typical connection of two hi-fi components, and includes the house wiring and main earthing point. So does Aiken amps. With around 285V on the plate, I was looking for about 7.

I've come here hopefully to avoid getting told "you can't build a good tube amp on a PCB!". The Pre Amp and Disc player had a rear connection for the grounding wire. Or, in the case of a concrete-encased electrode (Ufer ground), the grounding electrode is Ceramic tube sockets (attached directly to the chassis) Point-to-point hand wired with 18-gauge Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire and using Cardas silver solder for all electrical connections with star grounding employed Starline Electrical Busbar System.

Hammonator Organ to Guitar Amp Conversion (C) 2008 G. Proper Lead Dress and Noise Reduction. I get numerous questions and requests for assistance about how to "get rid of hum".

After grounding out a tube amp Grounding. Forrest Cook Introduction. I will add an earth connection when I get home and see if it helps.

We also use a DC elevated heater supply in conjunction with a balance pot to eliminate filament hum. We also keep the simple tone cut bringing the least complexity Tube Amp Rebuild (and Mod): Striving for that old school sound, you purchase a 'vintage' guitar amp. The star grounding is to eliminate ground loops.

13. I own a vintage (1968) Ampeg Jet 12II tube amp for guitars. A proper ground ensures optimal amplifier performance as well as maximizing the life of the amplifier.

) after many suggestions from Forum members both here and on TGP to read Grounding and Ground Schemeswhich I had read back in 2011, but couldn't quite wrap my head around it practically. The dual grounding topology used in all of our amplifiers is quite unique to the whole hi-end tube amplification industry. SE headphone amplifier with one input and a passive volume control comprised of a 6N2P (double triode) feeding a single EL84 (6P14P) per channel with linear power supply to deliver 0.

Buy some decent aftermarket pickups. GROUNDING ELECTRODE A grounding electrode is an electrically conductive solid rod, plate, or ring (of approved materials and whose size and surface area are sufficient to permit adequate contact with the earth in which it is buried or driven. Was a nice amp, but I not a keeper for me.

We are proud to introduce our latest third-generation integrated amplifier, the Triton III. That eliminated the ground loops, but I have had another problem. DIYTube is both Shannon's small business located in central Illinois and a close-knit forum featuring a handful of helpful and prolific members.

There are actually two important aspects related to proper grounding, hum reduction, and safety. A special thanks go out to COULON J r mie on the Little Lanilei 3350LT amp demo - nice job! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 Star grounding, why the insulated output jack? star grounding is a well-tested tube amp practice that has made its way into pedals with no particularly good - I use proper star grounding for the power supply - The amplifier circuit will have a similar star grounding - The metal case or anything metal that can be touched must be connected to mains ground for safety - Signal ground must be connected to power supply ground. This is a fairly typical design that resembles entry level amps of these times.

then the 6V6 for another matched pair. All four BG144 - An explanation of various grounding techniques seen in tube amplifiers and how they are represented via schematics (not often so accurately). Special Thanks.

96 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Mesa/Boogie Lone Star CUSTOM COLOR 100/50/10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp NEW FREE SHIPPING! amp but I have noticed no problems. Rectifier 'Backup' Diodes spread. As can be seen, there is a loop (indicated by the dotted line), which includes the interconnect cable, power leads, and a small part of the house wiring.

But there's a price to pay: The many wires to the central ground cause a Grounding is a real mystery. What you want to avoid, for example, is attaching the grounds from the 1st 12AX7 tube to the 1st filter cap ground closest to the PT. PAS1 preamp • Alps blue velvet potentiometers star grounding a guitar amp as the reading at times reminded me of paul stamlers tube psu pcbs that i have, which have star ground pads near all of the (-) ends Now, I just built my Single-Ended Tube Amp, so I am going to listen to this for a while, so buying a new DAC and a new Amp is not of the order of the day, because that's indeed what I would have to do to get a pure Balanced connection between these two and that would be a hefty price.

All Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding. Quality parts throughout, selected for each particular task in the system, while precision resistors and capacitors are used in RIAA network/filtering. The amplifier features auto biasing and low idle current, greatly increasing EL84M output tube life.

No one can really tell us exactly how it works. Keen's article on star grounding, I see that in the diagram he shows of how he converted his Vox Pacemaker to star grounding, the center tap of the PT is not the star ground itself, but it does connect (along with the negative of the reservoir cap) to the main star ground. Here's how I organised the wiring: See pics 1 and 5.

You may purchase the board set for the MQ-100 blank, as a kit (board & parts) or fully assembled. 5V at pin #3 on the 6BQ5. A sampling of tube amplifier prices from the October 1993 Stereophile Recommended Components list: Swart Space Tone- ST6V6se Product Code: Space Tone • ST-6V6se .

And that's where I stand with the Space Tone Atomic Jr, the latest amazing, soulful little amp from the hands of Michael Swart. Using any part other than genuine Star factory supplied parts relieves the Separate service per oven - 14. Results: There MAY be a slight improvement in background “blackness”, but since I could not initially measure any inter-chassis currents or chassis potential differences (all zero), and had a low 1 ohm Neutral to Earth ground DC resistance in the dedicated 20 amp circuit used for the audio system BEFORE the star grounding box was added.

This one is gone. Star Grounding Circuits, $50 & up: AC Hum/Buzz is sometimes difficult to eliminate. MESA/BOOGIE LONE STAR CUSTOM COLOR 100/50/10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp NEW FREE - $2,099.

I used 25W resistors for the bias because I had them handy. I simplified the original 5F2-A circuit but I also added some extra controls. If I ever make another amp, this is the part that I'll want to do better.

All heaters are regulated DC. Class A 5W - Single-Ended - 6V6 - Tube Rectified The original Swart Amplifier Co Space Tone 6V6se arose out of musician/recording engineer Michael Swart's attempt to get the most tone and soul from a small, easily manageable package for home/studio use. The amp uses a metal back panel cover which is grounded to the chassis with a jumper wire (top right) to shield against RFI.

There are no IC's or hybrid chips used. of our products. Hum when you've got a guitar plugged in and you're not touching the strings isn't really an amp problem.

The only ground rod that I have is a 10' 5/8" commercial grade ground rod that goes to my main A/C panel. The clean tones are sweet and pure. Anyhow, I have a '71 Fender Twin Reverb with a funky front panel brass plate bus ground, and this amp is quieter than my Gibson GA-35RVT with star grounding, so phsyconoodler must be onto something.

Previously my DIY phono preamp was driving my power amp directly (with a passive volume control in between). Input jack is grounded either through direct contact with the chassis or with a short lead. While audio amp designers are looking to get the clearest possible sound reproduction out of their tubes, guitar amp makers, and especially their rock-star customers, prefer tubes Make sure there is no heater grounding at all, or you will need much larger (and more expensive) resistors! In fact, if your amp uses ground for one side of the heater connections, you'll need to replace all those grounds with wire from the heater pins on the tube sockets back to the heater winding lead on the PT.

Finally, here is my question: Won't the star grounding defeat the purpose of having two negative terminals on the Kelvin Cap? Jointly developed with the world renowned Swiss audio specialist Goldmund, this amp features many technical innovations, including a pioneering star-grounding design and dual mono architecture to ensure that your music sounds fantastic. Copies of the original articles and additional design and construction information. The Amp did not, Synergistic Research recommended I use one of the open RCA connectors on the amp since i run XLR cables through out the system.

So the powersupply grounding as well as both the returns (cathodes) of the used 483 triodes come together at this point. This amplifier was featured on the February 2004 Issue of the "High-Fidelity Audio: Radio Technology" by Mr. Although it is a practice amp, you can certainly mic it and use it in a gig.

From its innovative custom circuitry, down to its classic retro/vintage looks, the Mesa Lone Star amplifier is designed to be a defining vintage/boutique amplifier from the original boutique amp builder. The intention for this amplifier was to drive classic high-efficiency speaker systems, such as Western Electric WE-594A or WE-755A. Surprisingly, the amp uses an old school brass grounding plate under the controls and input jacks.

If your tubes start with 12 or 6 your fine. Over the last few months I have been designing and building a tube preamp, a fun project for a vinyl loving electrical engineer. Star grounds, multiple star grounds, bus bars, and ground planes have all worked for builders in the past.

If I’m not doing a straight star ground (all grounds going to a single point), my theory is to always keep the high current grounds (the CCS, tube heaters, etc) closer to the ground return (power jack) than the signal grounds (input, output, tube cathodes). From schematic to ordering parts to cab design, it is all here and explained in detail. This is classic school how to to do amplifier grounding.

There is a lot of information available for designing audio circuits, but precious little on SE15 tube amplifier • 100% three dimensional hand wiring. His bus ground looked like all the amps I see here with the single copper conductor, that everything is grounded to. The Magnequest transformer, enclosure/hardware set, and output tube set have been priced individually for those who may wish to use alternate transformers, enclosures, or tube suppliers.

can cause parasitic voltage drops inside sensitive parts of the tract. Read the thread on grounding and star points in rec You've got 2 6V6 power tubes and 2 12AX7 preamp. What ever tube is fed from a filter cap you tie those grounds together as a 'star' and then run a wire to the next ground star.

Phil The Diode/Tube Rectifier Tracking™ Switch is an amazing new feature that takes our patented Dual Rectifier™ concept to a new level. 2 Amp, 120 VAC, 60 Hz Improper grounding may result Antenna System Grounding by Larry D Barr, K5WLF Intro: No place on earth, that I know of, is completely free of the threat of lightning; but Texas seems to be especially blessed with plenty of it. Utilizing one 6V6 power tube and one 12AX7 preamp tube, it is a Class A circuit with a clear and chimey quality that is desirable for recording any style of music.

Ceramic tube sockets (attached directly to the chassis) Point-to-point handwired with 16-gauge Teflon insulated silver plated copper wire, and using Cardas silver solder for all electrical connections with star grounding employed Adding 470 ohm power tube screen resistors would sweeten power tube distortion and help protect the tube from screen failure during heavy overdrive. But then I guess some folk like to live dangerously, so YMMV. "Star" grounding is obviously preferable to the old buss bar across the back of the pots for the board (PC or strip/eyelet) and everything else onto the chassis.

Removed all the tube sockets turret board ect. When Tube Rectifier Tracking is selected the Lone Star will auto-assign the most stylistic rectifier circuit to track the assignable 10/50/100-watt power settings of both preamp channels. The amp operates class A and is unconditionally stable with reliability proven over many years.

DIY Audio Projects Bruce Heran. However, since the internet seems to be a little vague on the subject, I have decided to make this article available. Grounding Grounding: Ground refers to the common ‘reference voltage’ that all the parts of a circuit share.

I connected all of the grounds to a jumpered 5 lug terminal strip, mounted with a screw and nut in the same hole that secured the power supply board to the chassis. Be VERY clear on this. Details like single-point star grounding of all internal circuits, premium audiophile grade power and output transformers, high speed switching diode power supplies, regulated and buffered DC power supplies for both filaments and high voltage sources, are key elements to producing an amp that has truly unique sonic advantages.

And also when I look at R. This is good practice to protect against noise. One of the last holdouts, the cathode ray tube (CRT), has been replaced by the LCD and other new display technologies.

Grounding errors. PCB amps - Better Tone???? Thomas Vox Amps - Repair, Service, Repro! Bulletproof your I was reading the website of one amp builder who said he did not like wiring up a star ground, but used a bus ground instead. You make ground 'stars' for each B+ filter cap ground.

15 Amp 125-Volt Polarized Grounding Plug Adapter - Gray (2-Pack ) is rated 4. Star Grounding a tube amp. A great value for the price.

This helps a lot in avoiding ground loops. I tried this with my Vac 140's but the benefit was negated because the Vacs use star grounding. There is one other instance of induced hum that is also cured by star grounding - rectifier current spike hum.

The amp uses a star grounding scheme with isolated Cliff input jacks connected to an AC only ground through capacitor C15. Point your guitar 90 degrees at the amp. The 5F2-A was a guitar amp from the late 50's.

I’ve built a couple of small general purpose, low power valve amplifiers and Star Grounding was an essential technique in creating an amp that did not have an unignorable amount of static/hiss in the output signal. Point to Point vs. Always use the proper setting of the BIAS SWITCH for the tube type in use! And finally, a SLAVE Output and Level control round out the Rear Panel enabling you to use the LONE_STAR_as the “dry” master amp for a stereo setup, drive an external rack of outboard processing or, simply add additional power for larger venues.

Always safe and supposedly hum-free. It uses point-to-point hand wiring with star grounding. These are very quiet amps when set up correctly, I’ve been using mine as a power amp and have kept the signal path as clean as possible but either way, LM3886 amps are capable of VALVE Magazine Online! It's Not A Gang, It's A Club Editorial From VALVE Issue 1 / 2, February 1994.

If everything is correct with your gear and you're still getting unacceptable levels of AC noise, a 2. Lindy Fralin, Lollar, Nordstrand, Kinman. I ended up with almost exactly that reading.

The Mesa Boogie Lone Star amp head's front and This is an amp that measures as well as it sounds. Dubbed "affordable" by Granite, the $600 passive star-grounding system is said to equalize the ground-impedance path of every component in a system, despite cable and power-cord potentials. My SS Platinum monoblocks do like the extra wire to the preamp.

2 LED Load Resistor Kit Solves the LED light trouble in your vehicle 6 Ohm , 50 Watt resistor can be connected across the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a regular bulb. Separate the power amp/power tubes and their filter caps grounds from the preamp tubes and their filter cap grounds. The incompatibility between these two configurations, whether using analog or digital signals, must be considered when designing, specifying, installing or upgrading equipment and systems.

It uses an ECC82 and an ECC83 as well as a class A solid state booster stage to get you up to 33 or 50 watts! The star grounding is to eliminate ground loops. It’s fun to look at, has great sound effects, and makes Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2010 Swart Amplifier Company Space Tone ST-6V6se Tube Amp at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Buy a guitar that is shielded correctlydefinitely not done by fender. All that is left is new sockets and the pots as well as the big blue caps.

) and these will all be attached to the star ground already established in the power supply. Rectifiers of all types, tube or solid state, conduct currents into the first Star grounding is not always necessary, and some very quiet amplifiers have been built using buss grounds or other grounding schemes. The star grounding philosophy, while reasonable theoretically, is difficult to implement in practice.

No circuit boards. DIYTube 6L6 Clementine Single Ended Tube Amp Shannon Parks, owner of DIYTube, has made a number of projects available since 2003 when the DIYTube ST35 clone was made available. … and I try to do whatever the voices in Randall Aiken’s head tell me to because it almost always pays off.

Lead dress. For all the circuits in this book (and most others) ground is zero volts, or earth, and is normally represented by one of the circuit symbols in fig. To make sure the amp is really the problem, look to the side.

Here you'll The Tube amp Library of information Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. chrisw@kwikwire. The tone is warm and round.

For the past 10 months, I’ve been working to build a tube amp…After a lot of reading, I’ve decided to go with a separated preamp and two KT88 monoblocks. Earth Loops/ Ground Loops. If not, the point of higher resistance will be "above ground" relative to the other, and you will get interference, at least.

Transformer Short Tester - transformer busted? Find out! How to test a transformer. star grounding tube amp

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